South Bend proudly introduces Zoo Kids, our newest 1-piece kids fishing combo. Image features the exciting Zoo Kids emblem with a variety of kids and zoo animals

Introducing Zoo Kids

Go Fish with the Zoo Kids!

Zoo Kids™ was created for families that want to get together with their kids, go outside and have fun learning and experiencing nature, wildlife and the planet. Don't forget your Zoo Kids™ Nature Adventure Kit, complete with Backpack Buddy, Treasure Box, Activity Mat/Poster and Stickers. The Activity Mat is colorfully designed with activities and ideas for the very young to experience and appreciate the nature all around them.

While you're exploring, you'll also need your Zoo Kids™ Bait n' Bug Fun Net to catch minnows frogs, tadpoles and even butterflies and insects.

Zoo Kids Nature Adventure Kits and Bug n Bait Nets

Zoo Kids 1-piece Tiger, Panda and Penguin Combos



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