24 Pc Hardbait Assortment

24 Pc Hardbait Assortment
24 Pc Hardbait Assortment
24 Pc Hardbait Assortment
Blaze 24 Piece Hardbait Assortment

Blaze Hardbaits feature a highly reflective finish, lifelike eyes, unique swimming actions and premium Matzuo® hooks. Available in a dealers 24-piece assortment of Popper,  Minnow, Crankbait and Rattlebait. Lures are individually packaged in clear hard plastic boxes for consumer purchase.


Hooked by premium Matzuo hooks

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Features & Specifications


Blaze Hardbait Assortment

Dealers 24-piece assortment includes:

  • Popper,  Minnow, Crankbait and Rattlebait

Lures feature:

  • Live eyes
  • Premium Matzuo® hooks
  • Assorted color patterns
  • Individually packaged in clear hard plastic cases

Blaze Hardbait Assortment

RAX-24 Crankbait 2 in Med Diving Silver / Black Back 2
Firetiger 2
Gold / Black Back 2
Rattlebait 2-7/8 in Slow Sinking Silver / Black Back 2
Silver / Blue Back 2
Chartreuse 2
Minnow 3 in Floating Silver / Black Back 2
Firetiger 2
Clown 2
Popper 2-1/2 in Surface Silver / Black Back 2
Firetiger 2
Sunrise 2

Pro Tips

Fishing a Minnow:

  • Cast near underwater (ledges and drops) or abovewater (docks, fallen trees) structure.
  • Retrieve with periodic jerking motion causing the bait to move sporadically in order to trigger finicky fish to bite.

Fishing a Popper:

  • Retrieve a popper by jerking the rod tip in a downward motion causing the lure to "pop" on the water surface.
  • Continue this motion with hesitations in between each pop to entice explosive top water reactions.

Fishing a Crank Bait:

  • Cast over open water vegetation flat or near underwater structure.
  • Retrieve bait at a moderately consistent speed with periodic pauses to entice non-aggressive fish.