Aberdeen Snelled Hooks

Aberdeen Snelled Hooks
Aberdeen Snelled Hooks in Bronze or Gold Finish

Thin but extra strong wire hook with a long shank that can penetrate the hard inside of the fish mouth. Hook is available in bronze or gold finish. Precision tied with abrasion resistant monofilament.


Good multi-purpose bait hook


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Features & Specifications


Bronze or Gold Aberdeen Snelled Hooks

  • Bronze or gold finish
  • High quality wire
  • Precision tied with abrasion resistant monofilament

Aberdeen Snelled Hooks

SGAB2/0 2/0 6 Gold
SGAB1/0 1/0 6
SGAB2 2 8
SGAB4 4 8
SGAB6 6 8
SGAB8 8 8
GH40A Assorted 40
SAB1 1 6 Bronze
SAB2 2 12
SAB4 4 12
SAB6 6 12
SAB8 8 12
AB-48A Assorted 48

Pro Tips

  • Periodically, check the point on your hook. Wood, rocks, and even many caught fish will dull hooks. If hook is not sharp, either replace or re-sharpen.
  • Periodically, check the end of your line at the hook by running the line through your thumb and forefinger. If line feels nicked or frayed, cut above the abrasions and retie. This will prevent unexpected break-offs.
  • Live bait is always a good choice, especially when fish are finicky. Live bait will generally outfish artificial bait.
  • To keep live bait at its liveliest, try to keep the bait as cold as possible. Bring a cooler for Nightcrawlers, Leeches, and Minnows.
  • Always try to fish with the lightest pound test line the situation will allow as you will find that this will result in more strikes.
  • When bottom fishing, use the lightest weight possible. This will prevent fish from feeling resistance.
  • When you have a strike, or a fish is running, reel in slack line, then set the hook. This will provide a positive hook set resulting in more landed fish.
  • If fish swallow hook, cut the line very close to the eyelet. This will increase the chance of survival allowing the fish to grow into a future lunker.