Non-Lead Egg Sinkers

Non-Lead Egg Sinkers
Non-Lead Egg Sinkers

Egg Sinkers are oval shaped with a hole to slip the fishing line through so the sinker will "slip" and the fish will not feel the weight of the sinker when it picks up the bait. Our lead substitute egg sinkers are made from a mixture of environmentally safe alloys and are perfect for all applications.


Non-Lead sinkers can be used in any application as a substitute for lead sinkers


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Features & Specifications


Non-Lead Egg Sinkers

  • Can be substituted for lead sinkers in any application
  • Made of environmentally safe alloys

Non-Lead Egg Sinkers

NL-ES-10 10 1/8 oz 12
NL-ES-9 9 1/4 oz 10

Pro Tips

  • When fishing rivers and streams, always fish with the current. This provides a natural presentation.
  • Fish relate to cover. This includes weed edges, stumps, fallen trees, boat docks, and rocks. Find these structures and fish will be nearby.
  • Always try to fish with the lightest pound test line the situation will allow as you will find that this will result in more strikes.
  • When bottom fishing, use the lightest weight possible. This will prevent fish from feeling resistance.
  • When you have a strike, or a fish is running, reel in slack line, then set the hook. This will provide a positive hook set resulting in more landed fish.